Replacing the Heated Seat Switch

First I installed the reversing camera  Click Me

And then the Aerial

Cable Connections

More Cables

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this page is about putting the heated seat switch in. Follow the links to the other subjects if you want information about them.



First you need to lever out the plastic cover underneath the eyebrow. and then
take out the small screws revealed under the eyebrow. (below)


The eyebrow then pulls out toward you.  there are a couple of dowel type bits of plastic the slide into the dash.
The two screw just hold it in place. Then undue the two screws hidden behind the eyebrow in the far corners on both sides.
Be careful not to drop them down behind the radio.

To get the radio out you need to poke a stiff bit of plastic into the slots on each side of the Harmony unit.
(Sorry I don't know how you get the other units out)
This releases the radio and you can then pull it out..

Now we get to a tricky bit as this plug is fixed very firmly.

Look very closely at the picture below and you can see a little diagram showing a screwdriver
levering out the locking mechanism


Believe me this is very frustrating getting the dam thing unplugged, but perseverance pays off.
Once released remove the radio and place to one side.


Now we have to get the Aircon Control Panel out.

First lever off the blank plate where the heated seat switch will eventually go.
Be careful as you don't want to damage this in case at some point you want to put it back.


Once the facer is removed there are a couple of screws I think at each end. 
Or it maybe just clips I can't remember. The backing plate will now come out.


The face of the aircon control panel just levers off showing all the buttons on the panel etc.
This then unscrews and slides out quite easy. I eventually unplugged it and put to one side to make room.
All these plugs and sockets are different sizes so impossible to get mixed up when reinstalling.

The ashtray lifts out revealing everything behind the radio section/void. (dunno what this area is called)

This should reveal all the cables in there but I had an issue...
The cables you need to plug into the back of the switch should look like this..


However, a couple of mine had got trapped inside the aircon ducting in the red square in the picture above.
So I had to find a way of getting them out.


I had to cut the plastic with a Stanley knife but the cables were firmly stuck.
I cut two slots down and lifted up the flap But they still wouldn't come out

So I cut all along the top edge to the left of the cables.
I tried to slide it along but it was quite difficult. Eventually I got long nose pliers and managed to
pull it along and they popped out


Once it was out I taped up where I had cut with some duck tape (good old duck tape hey!)


I Then reassembled it all in reverse...
Everything just plugged into it's appropriate socket with no confusion

Before              After

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Now we get to some interesting bits.

I found a lot of wires and I didn't know what they were for. These are all pictured below.




When eventually I got round to installing the 2-Din unit I bought of Sean (RadioGuy)
They all slotted into place and this is covered in other threads.


Hope you found this useful.